My articles on Latin America have been published in Newspapers and magazines of India, Latin America and USA and my Spanish articles in Argentine newspapers.

The articles and Latin America Newsletters I have written for Gateway House from August 2013 to June 2014 are in the link:


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Articles published by media and think tanks

Bolsonaro, the arsonist, is more dangerous than the Amazon fire - The Week 29 August

End of the golden era of iconic Brazilian global companies - The Week, 23 August

Chinese Socialism needs Indian medicines The Week 22 August

What Guatemala could teach India about dynastic politics - The Week 16 August

Review of the Brazilian documentary film “ The edge of democracy” - The Wire 19 July 2019

Latin America is important for India’s exports - The Wire 29 June 2019

Why a repeat of the 2002 coup is unlikely now in Venezuela - The Wire 11 April 2019

Brazil, the country of the future, is back to its past - The Kootneeti February 2019

Left in the lurch - The Week magazine 19 January 2019

Bible, Beef and Bullet - published by The Week magazine 12 January 2019

Review of the Mexican film Roma in the Week magazine 5 January 2019

India-Argentina economic partnership - published by Diplomatist magazine - November 2018

Tropical Trump- published by “ The Week” magazine, 17 November 2018

From Coolies to Patrons and Partners: The Chinese Paradigm Shift in Latin America - published by The Wire news portal on 16 October 2018

Mexico turns Left - published by The Week magazine 22 July 2018

My review of Isabel Allende's book 'In the Midst of Winter' - published by The Wire 19 Jan 2018

India's exports to Mexico - published by Chemexcil newsletter June-July 2017

Growing significance of trade with Latin America- Mercopress, Montevideo 22 July 2017

why it is important for India to trade with Latin America - The Wire 21 July 2017

Trump boosts Latin American interest in India- my article published in Chemexcil bulletin- April-May bulletin.


Brazilian Writers Union publishes my review of the book " Volver al oscuro valle" - 25 May 2017

Caught between peace and revenge in Colombia - The Wire 4 june 2017

India beats China in export of pharmaceuticals to Latin America 9 May 2017

Lenin's Ecuador victory lifts the Leftist spirit in Latin America - The Wire 5 April 2017

"India: long term bet for Latin America exports" - published in Chemexcil newsletter feb-march 2017

Let us do a trade tango with Mexico - Business Line 27 March 2017

Trump Triggers greater Latin American interest in India - The Wire 9 March 2017

From Brahma beer to Prem Baba - The Wire 14 January 2017.

Indian hero in Latin American film - The Wire 23 December 2016

Indian actor makes waves in Costa Rica - Business Standard 23 December 2016

Narcos: a serial deception of the US's war on drugs -6 November 2016

India: Long term bet for Latin America's exports - Latinvex 26 July 2016

Mexico is India's best customer in Latin America - The Wire 17 June 2016

Latin American contribution to India's energy security - Business Line 2 December 2015

Argentina's anti-incumbent verdict - Latinvex 2 December 2015

Argentina's anti-incumbent verdict - Mercopress 25 November 2015

Argentina's anti-incumbent verdict - The Wire 24 November 2015

Latin America: a billion dollar destination for Indian pharma exports - Financial Express, 20 November 2015

India and Latin America: closer than you think - Latinvex 14 Oct 2015

'Guatemala: coffee, cardamom and contrasts' -Latinvex 7 october 2015

The rise and fall of Petrobras - Latinvex 17 June 2015

 Peru Cola: Inspiration for India  - Latinvex 27 May 2015

Big Cola from Peru, an inspiration for Indian entrepreneurs- The Wire, 22 May 2015

Why Latin America took a stand - Asian Age 13 August 2014

Why Latin America took a stand - Deccan Chronicle 13 August 2014

India and Latin America: a new perception and a new partnership - published by Ellcano Royal Institute of Madrid July 2014

IBSA,as important if not more, than BRICS for India - published by Economic Times 15 July 2014.

"Brazil in comparison to the other major powers- A view from India" published by Brazil Institute, Wilson Centre, Washington DC

Mexico holds a mirrror to India - Mint 27 December 2013

A sugar rush that could fuel the Indian economy - The Hindu 24 September 2013

Why are the Brasilians protesting - Gateway House 12 September 2013

Lessons from Jindal's Bolivian failure - Gateway House 19 July 2013

The Message is that of moderation ( Venezuelan elections ) - The Hindu 12 October 2012

The message from the Venezuelan elections - Gateway House 11 oct 2012

Paraguay: Back to Latin America's bad old days? - Gateway House - 25 June 2012 - PDF version

"The Pacific Alliance, yet another bloc in Latin America" - Gateway House - 12 June 2012 - PDF version

"From Borges to Paz" - write-up for WEF blog on Latin America - 11 April 2012 - PDF version


"Opportunities beckon"- India Business Law Journal- October 2011 -PDF version

"A resurgent Latin America swims against the current of recurring global crisis" - Latin Business Chronicle, Miami- 22 August - PDF version

"The other BRIC in Latin America: India" - Gateway House - 5 May

"The Other BRIC in Latin America: India" - Americas Quarterly - 9 May - PDF version

"India dependent on Brazil & Argentina for edible oil and pulse" - The Economic Times - 8 April - PDF version

"Opportunities in Latin America for Indian Business and Investors" - Diplomatist magazine - February 2011 - PDF version

"Agriculture Process Outsourcing by an Argentine Patel" - The Financial Express - 1 August - PDF version

"Maradona... Oh ... Maradona" - Hindustan Times - 3 july 2010 - Full version of the article

Football fidelity: An Indian diplomat’s dilemma, published in Indian media and distributed by IANS 9 June 2010

"Brazil: short skirts big B arouse global interest" - Latin Business Chronicle - 17 December 2009

"Lula or not, why Brazil is the best BRIC" - Financial Express - 14 December 2009

"A new beginning" - The Hindu - 13 December 2009

"Argentina-India´s emerging economic partner" published in "India-Argentina Partners in Progress" - October 2009

"New window of opportunity for business with Latin America opened by the global crisis" published in CII Deccan Despatch Newsletter "Global Crisis, regional opportunity" with special focus on Business with Latin America - July to September 2009 edition.

"LatAm bets on India for trade as local resources dry up" published in the Financial Express 24 August

"Amritsar to Argentina with "peanut prince" - in Hindustan Times, 3 June 2009. Scanned version: CoverArticle.

¨Argentina – emerging as a long term economic partner of India in Latin America¨ - in the Indo-lac Business magazine- March 2009 issue.

Article ¨The New Latin America¨ published in Latin Business Chronicle of Miami 17 November 2008

"Great potential to leverage synergies between India and Latin America" interview published in Business Line, 10 October 2007

Article " Advantage Argentina" - published in Business Line, 2 August 07 - Scanned Version.

Article on Brazil emerging as a biofuel power - published in Buisness Line on 2 June 2007. Scanned Version

Article on Business with Caribbean - published in Business Line on 24 April 2007. Scanned Version

Article on Dominican Republic - published in Business Line, 13 March 2007. Scanned Version.

Article on Rio Carnival - published in Business Line, 9 february 2007. Scanned Version.

Samba, Choppe and Fireworks....New Year Party in Copacabana beach- published in Business Line on 12 January 2007. Scanned Version.

India Inc on an investment spree in Latin America - published in Financial Express on 5 January 2007

Ascent of Left in Latin America -published in The Hindu on 12 December 2006. Scanned Version.

The success story of Brazilian agribusiness Business Line - 9 May 2006. Scanned Version.

Brazil's External Policy Economic and Political Weekly - February 25th, 2006

Unfair Advantage - Financial Express, December 31st, 2005. Scanned Version.

Is it the birth of a new era in Bolivia? - The Hindu, December 22nd, 2005. Scanned Version.

U.S. influence in Latin America waning? - The Hindu, November 9th, 2005. Scanned Version.

Acquisition of strategic resources abroad - Why Latin America is the obvious destination - Business Line, July 6th, 2005. Scanned Version.

From Military Coups to People's Coups - The Hindu, June 10th, 2005. Scanned Version.

Indo-Brazil Business is Booming, Set to Explode - The Financial Express, June 4th, 2005. Scanned Version.

Mexico: A Billion Dollar Proposition - Business Line, April 18th, 2005. Scanned Version.

India's Energy Quest in Latin America - Hindu, March 31st, 2005. Scanned Version.

Growth and Optimism for Latin American markets - World Affairs Journal, summer 2005. Scanned Version.

Discover Chile's Business Opportunities - Financial Express, 19th January, 2005. Scanned Version.

India must think big, act fast on Latin America - Business Line, 15th December, 2004. Scanned Version.

The Left rises in Latin America - The Hindu, 29th November, 2004. Scanned Version.

.Time to stop neglecting central America - Financial Express, 6th November 2004. Scanned Version.



La India es mas que un socio comercial para Argentina - published in Cronista newspaper - 11 February 2011 PDF

"La Argentina fue uno de los países más ricos del mundo y puede volver a serlo" - published in El Cronista - 22 March 2010

"La India, el elefante que empezó a volar" - published in Buenos Aires Económico (BAE) Newspaper - 7 July 2009 Translation -

"Cuento Indiano... no es cuento chino" Published in El Cronista - May 19 2009- Translation -

"Nuevo paradigma de relaciones" published in Perfil - 25 January 2009. Scanned Version.

"Socios a largo plazo" published in Journal RD of Argentine Foreign Ministry- July 2008

Interview published in La Nacion( Argentina) newspaper - 19 february 2008

Interview published in Clarin ( Argentina) newspaper - 11 january 2008

"India busca triplicar el comercio con la Argentina y apurar un TLC" interview published in INFOBAE -24 October 2007

No es tipicamente latinoamericano (Spanish) - Diario Financiero (Chile), 29th November, 2004 . Pl see page 3 of this Acrobat document. Scanned Version