I love Latino music…salsa, samba, bossanova..

Here are my favourite Latino songs.

Celebra la Vida - Axel

Noviembre sin ti - Reik

Cuando me miras asi - Christian Castro

Quisera poder olvidar - Luis Fonsi

mi verdade - Mana y Shakira

Ay Vamos - J Balvin

de mi - Camila

Se eu não te amasse tanto assim - Ivete Sangalo

Donde estan donde estan corazon - Coti y Enrique Iglesias

Corre - Jesse y Joy

Se me la a luz - Alejandro fernandez

passaro de fogo - Paula Fernandes

tu amor es toxico - Chichi Peralta

soy tu gitano - Alejandro fernandez

no se porque te quiero - Ana Belen

mi niña bonita - by Nacho y Chino - 

Llegaste tu - Jesse y Joy

Coleccionista de canciones- Camila

Que me des tu cariño - Juan Luis Guerra

La Vida Es Un Carnaval - Celia Cruz

Chayanne - Candela

Amor Gitano by Alejandro Fernandez and Beyonce

Quiero decirte que te amo - Laura Pausini

Un osito de peluche de Taiwan - Los Autenticos Decadentes

Color Esperanza - Diego Torres


Latino singers


  • Diego Torres- This Argentine singer has a melodius voice. My favourite songs "Que sera que sera" , "Color Esperanza"

Axel singing “ celebra la vida” in my farewell party in Buenos Aires in May 2012

  • Patricio Arellano ... Nadie

  • Coti - nada fue un error

Axel´s song ¨Celebra la Vida¨ was the inspiration for the Second festival of India and my all-time favourite



  • Cristian Castro - My top latino favourite. Mexican singer, with a romantic voice. my favourite songs,

    "Cuando me miras asi "- listened to it a million times

    " Yo quería" "Por amarte asi" , "Hoy vengo a decirte que te amo" ,¨Lloviendo estrellas¨, ¨Azul¨ .

  • Alejandro Fernandez - makes me sentimental..

    "Yo nací para amarte" is a soul stirrer

    "Si tu supieras"

    "Me estoy enamorando..me estoy ilusionando" .


Met them during their Buenos Aires show..

  • Marco Antonio Solis- Mexican with a majestic voice. I heard him while going in a taxi to a golf tournament in Maracaibo in Venezuela and fell in love with his songs instantly. The taxi driver gifted me a cassette.

    "Mi eterno amor secreto" , "No hay nada más dificil" , "Si no te hubieras ido"

  • Thalia - "Amor a la mexicana"

  • Sin Bandera- ¨Entra en mi vida¨ ¨kilometros¨

  • Camila - ¨Colleccionista de canciones¨, ¨mientes¨ ¨alejate de mi¨



  • Roberta Miranda - Brazilian. My favourites" um dia de domingo" " cade voce" " eu te amo"

  • Alexandre Pires- Brazilian samba and popular singer with a romantic voice. He was earlier part of a band " so para contrariar" . I like his song " Interfone".

    he has sung in spanish too. "Usted no sabe lo que es amor", " amame" are his spanish songs I enjoy.

  • Gal Costa - her bossa nova music is like the soft evening breeze in the copacabana beach.

    my favourites " gabriela " which reminds me of Canela !

    " nada mais ", " me faz bem "

  • Sandy e Junior - hmm.. these Brazilian kids were a craze when I was in Sao Paulo." immortal" . She is like the Celine Dion of Brazil.

  • Paulo Ricardo - " sonho lindo"

  • Roberto Carlos - camionero, Detalhes,

  • Leonardo e Leandro - um sonhador, sonho por sonho

  • Paula Fernandes passaro de fogo , apaixonado por voce, chuva chover, eu to com saudade

  • Eliane Elias - Made in Brasil



  • Luis Fonsi - Puerto Rican singer. romantic songs.

    "Quisera poder olvidar" - listened a thousand times

    "Quien te dijo eso", "Si tu quisieras" , "Duele perderte", "Cómo vuelvo a tener"

    Luis Fonsi Music video

  • Celia Cruz - the Salsa queen and Cuban legend. My favourite songs

    "La vida es carnival" "La negre tiene tumbao" "Azúcar"

  • Gloria Estefan - I like her salsa songs. favourites, " como duelo perder ti"

    "Mi cuerpo pido salsa" "Mi salsa es caliente"

    " con los anos que me queden", " mi tierra"

    " tre gotas de agua bendita"

  • Manu Chao - "me gustas tu" is a funny song but latino in spirit.

  • Alborada - I was mesmerised by the Andean tunes of this Peruvian group during my trip to Machu Pichu. takes me back to the Andes with its magical flute..

  • Alex Ubago - soft and suave voice- I got introduction to his music through the Chilean Ambassador Jorge Heine.

    "Ahora que no estas"

    "otro dia mas" , " sin miedo a nada"

    "Me muero por conocerte", " aunque no te pueda ver"

  • La India - I was curious about this singer because of her name.

    Not great.. but the songs which appealed to me somewhat

    "Sedúceme " -salsa

    "Qué ganas de no verte nunca mas"


  • Pablo Montero - "Dicen por ahi"

  • Juanes (colombian) - A Dios le pido

  • Julieta Venegas (USA) - ¨eres para mi¨ ¨lento¨

  • Amaia Montero (Spanish) - Quiero ser

  • David Bustamente (spanish)- por el amor de esa mujer.

  • Enrique Iglesias ( spanish) -no me digas que no.



Butterflies - Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves - She has a blend of the voice and music of Colbie Caillat, Lee Ann Womack and Paula Fernandez. Her lyrics are refreshingly candid and provocative.

- Butterflies

-Follow your arrow

  • Colbie Caillat

    You got me

    Fallin for you

    What if

    What I wanted to say

    Out of my mind

    Something special


    Sade - Her soothing and sweet voice mesmerises me. My favourite songs

    • Kiss of life

      No ordinary love

      Love is stronger than pride

      King of sorrow, And i miss you, Smooth operator

      The sweetest taboo, By your side, Jezebel

      Is it a crime, I will be there


    Selena - This mexican American has taken over my heart with her two great songs

    • Dreaming of you

      I could fall in love with you


    Celine Dion - She stirs my soul, makes me cry, soar in the sky and smile without reason...

    • Good bye - the one which brings tears

      Why oh why - more tears

      Have you ever been in love - listened a million times

      Because you loved me- brings back memories...

      I love you, I dont know , Immortality

      Seduces me, That is the way it is

      Dreaming of you, If thats what it takes - ..hmm so many ..so many unforgettables.


    Lee Ann Womack

    I hope you dance - this is a kind of invocation song for me, to start my romantic moments... the other songs which inspire me

    The wrong girl

    Twenty years and two husbands ago

    Forever every day

    Why they call it falling

    Does my ring burn your finger

    I am the fool in love with the fool

    Finding my way back home


    Aaron Neville - what a rich and sensual voice. I like the songs

    • Even if my heart would break - listened a million times....

      I dont know much

      Dont take away my heaven


    Christina Aguillera - My songs" I turn to you" " genio atrapado"," ven comigo"

    • Pero me acuerdo de ti

      Mi reflejo

      Por siempre tu

      Come on over


    Jennifer Lopez - She has a latina touch in her voice and look. I like her movies too..

    • the songs which i like "my love dont cost a thing

      I am glad

      If you had my love

      Aint it funny


    Lionel Richie - He has a fantastic voice. His song " lady.." is for those special moments. also ¨stuck on you

    NSync - " girlfriend" , " gone" , " this i promise you"

    Vanessa Williams. I love her songs " oh how the years go by " , " a whole new world" , " pocahontas"( this one is sheer magic..)

    Madonna- I like her upstream swimming personality and her songs " la isla bonita" " like a virgin" " hey mister DJ" , " crazy for you", " spanish lullaby"

    Norah Jones- soothing and smooth .." come away with me" , " dont know why"

    Shania Twain- sweet.. sweet voice "when you kiss me" , "come on over", " forever" ," you hv a got a way with me" , " from this moment"

    Matchbox 20 - " If you are gone" and " missing you "

    Beegees- "saturday night fever " " staying alive" are ever green songs which always lift my spirit.

    Abba - old memories.." I have a dream"

    Backstreet Boys- "I promise you "

    Brian Adams - " when a man loves a woman" " I will be right here waiting for you"

    Cher - strong voice indeed...." strong enough" " believe"

    Enrique Iglesias- "Bailamos"

    Janet Jackson - " someone to call my lover"

    Michael Jackson - " thriller", " you are not alone"

    Nelly Furtado - " turn off the light"

    Rod Stewart - " have i told you lately that i love you" .. for the special romantic mood...

    Natalie merchant - " because the night belongs to the lovers"

    Sheryl Crow - " all i want to do is have some fun"

    Steve wonder - I just called to say I love you

    Loreena Mackennit - This Canadian singer with gypsy legs, Celtic spirit and sufi soul has magic in her songs. She was introduced to me by my gypsy-souled friend.... " mummers dance", "Samain night", "Mystic's dream" takes me on mystic journeys. Blog report

    Bryan Adams - ¨Have you ever eally loved a woman¨, ¨Everything I do ...¨, ¨Wherever you go..¨

    Savage Garden - ¨Truly , madly..¨

    Tony Braxton - ¨Unbreak my heart ¨, ¨Spanish Guitar¨



    Tamil Singers

    • P Susheela

    • TM Sounderrajan

    • PB Srinivas

    • Janaki

    • A M Raja and Jikki